The Royal Moroccan Air Force, االقوات الجوية الملكية المغربية Alkowat al malakiyaal jawiya, was founded in 1956 when it still was called Sherifan Royal Aviation. The Air Force's backbone is formed by French built aircraft.

The backbone of the Moroccan Air Force is formed by four fighter squadrons, two with F-5's and two with Mirage F1's. The F-5 is rather old but funding for upgrading the type is not available. Also the plans for purchasing Mirage 2000's have not been realised yet. In 2001, the Moroccan AF bought an number of K8 trainers, After years of unfruitful efforts by Dassault and the French government to sell the Rafale to Morocco, the government of the latter has decided to go with the F-16.

In a formal request to the US Department of Defence Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) the Moroccans plan to buy twenty-four F-16C/D Block 52 aircraft. The F-16s would replace the F-5 and some of the Mirage F1s, which are currently undergoing updates. Following this request another formal request was done to the DSCA for the purchase of twenty-four T-6B to replace the ageing T-37Bs. 

Commander of the Air Force: Major Gen. Ahmed Bou-Taleb
Air Force Personnel Strength: 13,500
Inventory Summary:

  • Combat: 76 (total), 62 (in service)
  • Transport: 45 (total), 43 (in service)
  • Helicopters: 130 (total), 120 (in service)


The Escadron Aerien Gendarmerie Royal (Royal Police Squadron)

Utilize a variety of helicopters based in several airfields. Most aircraft are operated by Royal  Moroccan Air Force and in civil registers. 


Royal Moroccan Navy (Marine Royale)

In 2004, the Royal Moroccan Navy (Marine Royal) commenced operations with  four Eurocopter AS565MB Panthers. The helicopters, equipped to the same standard as French Navy Panthers, also have radar and a forward-looking infra-red pod system for surface surveillance.