Tunisian Republic Air Force القوات الجوية التونسية was formed in 1959, a couple of years later  two Alouette 2 helicopters were delivered. In 1963 the French government provided three MD315's and twelve T-6 Harvard.

In 1965 when eight MB326 aircraft trainer aircraft. In 1969 twelve F-86's were delivered from the Unites States providing more air power. Two UH-1N and two UH-1H helicopters were delivered in 1975, followed by eighteen Italian built Agusta Bell 205's in 1980. Later, at least four AB412's were purchased.

The backbone of the Tunisian Republic Air Force currently are thirteen Northrup F5Es. The transport-role covered by C-130B's and C-130H's. Also in 1995, Tunisia took delivery of twelve new L-59T armed jet trainers and three L-410UVP's. Latest deliveries are Aeritalia five G222.

Jane's Sentinel Security Assessment - North Africa (dated Jul 08, 2011)

The air force specialises in tactical transport, combat support and counter-insurgency and has very limited air defence or strike capabilities.


Commander of the Air Force: Major General Rida Hamuda Atar
Air Force Personnel Strength: 
Inventory Summary:



  • Combat: 18 (total), 18 (in service)
  • Transport: 17 (total), 16 (in service)
  • Helicopters: 68 (total), 68 (in service)